The Vampire Diaries: My Favorite Parts of the Finale in Bullet Points

That’s for me to know and you to dot, dot, dot.

It’s been 8 seasons of pure epic-ness. There’s been loss, love, Vampires, Witches, Originals, Werewolves, Travelers, Heretics, Gemini Coven’s, Kai Parker’s (deserves his own category), revenge, humanity switches, more loss and literal devils, better known as Cade and Katherine—just to name a few! But, in the end justice was served and peace was found.

For weeks and weeks, I pondered how the phenomenon would end. I picked my brain when I was supposed to be sleeping, working (SHH), eating, breathing and driving. I tried to get into the mindset of creators Julie and Kevin, but still nothing.

I drove family, friends and most often my co-workers, CRAZY. I wasn’t ready; I don’t think anyone was but the way it ended was utterly perfect.

Loss, darkness, light, self-appreciation, family and redemption that’s what The Vampire Diaries is about. If you disagree then in the wise words of Klaus Mikaelson—kindly, piss off. Only Kidding!  

Totally kidding. I know that some fans are left disheartened with the ending. In fact, I think that’s the perfect word to use because while you may have wanted more Delena or Stelena screen time, I still think it’s fair to say we have been fulfilled.

There was insight and homage to every character’s story start to finish, which I’ve read was important for Julie and Kevin to give to the fans. Conclusions were spoken out loud or left open for speculation and we might even have wiggle room for some fan favorites to cross over into New Orleans. (Hello Caroline, I’m talking to you!)

So, while we’re left to grieve TVD it’s important to remember and respect that the television version of TVD belongs to Julie and Kevin. It’s their story and given their sacrifice and respect to end the show at a time where they could complete their character’s endings rather than just ending them, we should be thankful. The story came full circle, and to me it was beautiful.

Here are my personal favorite moments of the series finale:

  • Matt & Vicki’s Dad coming to see Vick for one last goodbye***–(cue tear)
  • Caroline & Stefan’s final “I love you”—the ENTIRE “I understand” phone call–(cue tear(s))
  • Stefan & Elena’s reunion/goodbye.“I wanted you to have an opportunity to get to know him.”–(gushing, I’m gushing)
  • STEFAN AND LEXI’S EPIC MOMENT***–(blubbering)
  • “Goodbye, Brother”–(I’m sobbing)
  • Matt’s tears and strong will to see Mystic Falls through until the end, Dad by his side. Oh those devoted Donovan’s!–(smile break, more tears)
  • Everything Bonnie, that kick-ass heroine–(cheering!)
  • LIZ FORBES and Caroline moment—(hyperventilation time)
  • JOE watching Alaric and twins—(refer to above emotion)
  • Klaus’ letter—($3 million! and Klaus!!)
  • Caroline and Damon’s moment in the Salvatore Crypt—(weeping)
  • Damon and Elena’s first eye lock—(chills)
  • The PLACEMENT of Caroline’s (gifted from Stefan) Mystic Falls snow globe, Elena’s necklace and Damon’s ring***—(stopped breathing entirely for 30 seconds)
  • Elena’s serenity—(happy tears)
  • Hi AUNT JENNA & Gilbert Family!***–(streaming happy tears)
  • Damon and Stefan’s final bro hug***—(obviously sitting in a sopping wet shirt due to copious amount of waterworks, but so what why are you judging me?)

In the end, everyone arrived home, both figuratively and literally. I could not have expected the TVD ending to bring me better closure. I love the idea that the people we love never really leave us, that they’re only watching over us until it’s time to meet again.

P.S. If you watched the finale, you don’t need proof of the tears as I’m sure you had/have enough of your own but for giggles I’ve posted pics of me and my sister below! Along with the treats made for my TVD Forever party-I know get a life already, Emily! and maybe I will now that TVD Fridays are over ;).


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