The Vampire Diaries: Hello, Brother It’s the Finale

Goodbye, Brother.

It’s a cold, wet and snowy morning here in New York. My alarm rings at 6:45 and as I open my eyes I realize, it’s here! Today is the day the series finale of The Vampire Diaries airs after 8 wholesome years. As promised, it’s been a hell of a ride.

I get in my car, and on the radio playing is the Eagles – Heartache Tonight and for a Vampire Diaries fanatic as big as myself, truer words were never spoken.

Scrolling through the internet for as much news as I could find about TVD (a regular occurrence), I found this article about why showrunner Julie Plec decided it was time to end TVD and I assure you, there is no better reason!

As stated in Variety, “we hadn’t been cancelled; we hadn’t had the plug pulled—we had chosen to say goodbye.” She goes on to say that she did not want to run the show into the ground simply because it was hard to say goodbye and that many shows don’t get the chance to give their story its final and deserved chapter.

For that, I consider us TVD fans lucky! We get the ending the story deserves. In the meantime, can someone get in touch with Damon? (A guy named Trevor in Season 2 said Craigslist has the vampire hookup.) I’d like to be compelled to forget everything so I can experience it all over again for the first time!

As we’re left to “dot, dot, dot” about tonight’s finale, let’s talk about it. All we know for the most part is that this goodbye is going to be epic! As Katherine’s taking over Hell comes full circle on the show, we too come full circle with closure.

In case you didn’t know, TVD was inspired by loss. Writer, Kevin Williamson said that when Julie approached him about the show, he was in the process of grieving from great loss. His creative energy and perspective has proven to have a profound and lasting impression on us all as the TVD Fandom is so big.

TVD taught us that we must fight to survive sometimes, or all the time but who’s counting? In honor of tonight’s final episode here’s a toast to mortality—being who we are and accepting and finding strength in the struggles we may face!

In the wise words of Julie Plec, “…closure is so powerful both in life and fiction. Each goodbye is real.”

What do you guys think will happen in tonight’s finale? Do you think one of the main characters will die? Will it be forever-ever? Do you think there’s a possibility for anyone to be a crossover on the Originals? Let me know!


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