The Vampire Diaries: Behind the Scenes of a Beloved TVD Character & Hints at What’s to Come

The year was 1864…

Just kidding—I’d say the year was 2009, when co-creator and executive producer of TVD Kevin Williamson had gone for a jog in Atlanta, Georgia. He states in an article with Entertainment Weekly that as he passed the Margaret Mitchell House he decided to stop in the museum.

Kevin knew that inside would tell the tale of one powerful woman’s story, Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind but what he did not know was that inside that same room a new powerful woman’s story would also be born. Kew the notorious Katerina Petrova a.k.a the cunning Katherine Pierce (more to come on her, later!).

In the museum, he said that he read all about Scarlett and how she was a survivor rooted between history and her legacy. That she was an opportunist who loved two men because each one had represented something different. So, I ask you, my TVD friends—does this sound familiar?

It should because (SPOILER ALERT)! I know, I know… I said I didn’t want to read them, but this one’s all sorts of exciting…

Katherine Pierce is said to make a comeback—as confirmed by Julie Plec, TVD’s co-creator and executive producer on Twitter.

The undertone of Katherine’s story fills me with excitement and joy. As Kevin states,

“I’m not a flashback or a period person ever, but we have to tell the story of where it all began. This is Katherine’s story.”

It’s lovely in my opinion, the moments that take place when a new idea is formed—the mysteries and excitement that live behind an authentic thought. The meaning behind inspiration and creativity are significant and they are what give TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, depth.

As you know, Katherine Pierce is a survivor. She says the iconic line time and again, “better you die than I”. She survived child-birth, the death of her family and 500 years of running from an immortal hybrid. We thought Katherine lived a long and full life, then died of old age… but apparently, she survived that too!

I find the hidden details that Kevin Williamson supplies Samantha Highfill, from Entertainment Weekly, with about the development of Katherine’s character to be refreshing. It makes me want to know more and inspires me to create. It’s an admirable BTS read and I highly recommend checking out the full post about his favorite scene for yourselves.

I can’t wait to see exactly how Miss Katherine returns to Mystic Falls and if there is anyone else we will reconnect with along the way. Do you care to weigh in on my Vampire Diaries obsession? Do you think that Katherine’s going to appear in the flesh or as a ghost? How do you think she survived the other side? Let me know!


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